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Many women just like Grace who tied her hair with pink cloth lost husband and therefore have to work hard to fed for their family amidst the limited livelihood options. Children were out of school and sometimes go to bed without food. In order to cope with the difficult conditions, Grace desired to start a business, but had no capital to start the business. She also did not have adequate knowledge on how to run a business.

She wanted her children to get good education however, the children had to walk a distance of 5 kms, and this had been a challenge as they used to arrive at school late besides that she was not certain of the security on the road.

Children's Development Support Services formed a total of 10 Village Saving and loan Associations in Itirikwa Sub-County in 5 villages and in each village there two groups. In each group there 30 members to a total of 300 people being whose capacity on Village Saving and Loan Association were built in the VSLA concept and management including record keeping, loan and saving, business skills and fundraising. The aim of the training was to enable the groups take led in managing their saving so that they able to set up their enterprises that the profits are ploughed back to the VSLA.

Grace Mindraa was one of the VSLA members of Amanzora VSLA group in Kwoma Village. She borrowed a loan of 250,000 shillings from their group and immediately established a small business of baking bread and cakes at Mungula trading centre, and she daily makes 450-500 bread and cakes, and each bread or cake is sold at 500 shillings. Image in a day Grace gets up to 200,000-250,000 shillings from her sell. In a month how much money will Grace get if every factor remains constant, roughly she will be getting 6,000,000 shillings and she said, monthly she is able to save 2,200,000 shillings and use part of the money for paying the workers and rent.

Grace says, she uses the knowledge she acquired from the business skills training to run her business. She is able to calculate her profit after selling her products and immediately Grace was elected Amanzora group leader and she has become a role model for women in the trading centre and her entire Village.

Grace also advises fellow women to take loan and use on business so as to bring income and be able to support their family basic needs, pay schools fees and medical treatment bills without warry. "I tell you my sisters, these are the benefits am getting through my small business you are seeing at Mungula trading centre. Additionally, my family eats twice a day. Am so proud to CDSS for bring this opportunity to our village.

I thank CDSS Uganda for giving us this opportunity for forming VSLA groups in our villages, puts smiles on my face and other women's faces, bringing light to my life, and family, and making my dream a reality.

God Bless You Children's Development Support Services.


17-year-old Kotura Denish is a Form Four (senior) at Blessed Damiani Secondary School in Masindi, Uganda, who has made great strides in his life. For one thing, he has accomplished something only few children and youth are able to do in Uganda – attend 11 years of school and poised to join "A level" and graduate with a bright future ahead of him.

This would not have been possible for this orphaned young boy to steadily progress through each grade, without the supporters of children's Development Support services who made it possible to pay his school fees for the last years.

"He was born and raised in a family of five children before his father demise," reported the mother. "He was an orphan who was raised up in the village by the mother who earns less than 1$ a day" to support the family. The mother said, Denish has already demonstrated in his young life that he has the will and determination to succeed at anything he puts his mind to.

"He is working hard to achieve his dream of becoming a Medical Doctor, and his best subjects are Physic, Mathematic, Biology and Chemistry,". In the recently UCE 2022 results released he got 16 aggregates, Grade1 and currently preparing to join "A Level" to turn his dreams true.

As for Denish himself, he is grateful and appreciative of the supporters of Children's Development Support Services school fees sponsorship support program. In a letter of appreciation, he wrote this to those who made it possible for him to continue his education to its completion.

"It is my pleasure to thank my sponsors for their efforts, and good hearts.

"If not for your support, I could not have reached where I am today or even having visions and missions…or even become the person that I am today.

"I promise you that I am going to do my best and make you proud at the end of this year. Words cannot express my gratitude. Only God knows what is in my mind.

"May God bless you very abundantly."


My name is Eimani Lucy 24 years old; I have lost my parents when I was 12 years, I am senior 1 lever married with three children's but two died living me with one from Olukwara village Itirikwa Sub- County, Adjumani District, I divorced my husband because he couldn't give support for me after marrying the second wife and yet we stayed with him for over 6years.

Before the project, I was confused and stressed due to school fee, feeding and other basic family needs and not even thinking of school for myself because of poverty as there is no way to generate money, but i heard about vocational skills training opportunity advertised by Children's Development Support Services for interested school drop outs within Itirikwa Sub-County to attend a six months training on Tailoring, Carpentry and Auto Mechanics of their choice at Amelo Polythetic Institute and fully sponsored by Children's development Support Services.

I got involved when I show advert at our parish center and at Sub-County headquarter and my friends also discussing about the project, I decided to come and register for Tailoring course and attended the six months training but I was attending the training without hope because I don't know whether I will succeed in life some time but it has made me stable now.

My life changed after attaining the training because I started sawing cloths at Olukwara trading centre, though the tailoring machine does not belong to me but I was able to be getting 15,000-30,000 shillings per day and in a week sometimes back 150,000-200,000 shillings which has improve my life and other of my family because now my family eats twice a day and am able to provide all the other basic family needs without problem. "Thanks be to Children's Development Support Services for the support".

In order to overcome your challenges, follow Children's development Support Services (CDSS) programmes closely at your villages and that's why am exposed to many things, customer relationship building, sharing life experiences and marketing, I think this has now build my capacity of living among the community and self sustainability.


"No one had informed me about menstrual cycle until it occurred to me for the first time, last year in class. I did not know what was happening in my life. I had bleeding that stained my school uniform. I felt so embarrassed and rushed to Mrs. Josephine who locked me in the staff room and later bought Sanitary pads for me" These are words of Joyce a class 4 pupil from Kolididi primary school during our Sanitary pads and underwear's distribution project at Itirikwa Sub-County on 19th – 20th July 2022 at Kolididi Primary School. Joyce added ", As an orphan I stay with my grandmother who struggles so much to pay my fees and cannot afford to buy me sanitary pads that is why I don't have a choice than to use a rag or cloth during my periods"

We reached out to 5 primary schools with over 500 girls. Each girl received 3 packets of sanitary pads and 2 inner wears to last an entire school term. There was a lot of excitement from the girls and they received us well. All the 500 girls were accompanied by their Senior women teachers. Girls received mentorship, communication and leadership skills courtesy of Children's Development Support Services Clubs. We taught them on how to be confident in their lives, uplifting their self-esteem and how to express themselves without fear.

Mentorship also included training of girls on how to use sanitary pads and maintain high level of hygiene during menstrual periods. After the training session, we got representatives from the girls who confidently show cased how to use the pads. "It was so great for me to learn on how to use Sanitary towels without assuming and even helping teach the other girls", Said Monica, a class 7 pupil from Kolididi primary school.

"Girls stand up to be counted and be courageous enough to talk in front of the people without feeling shy. Working hard in your studies will grant you an opportunity to live your dreams. Self-esteem is not a product we can purchase, it is a continuous process we must exercise everyday", Josephine a senior women teacher and a mentor for Children's Development Support Services speaking during the interactive session. "Since you are already in school, that makes you a better person, always focus on your education".

Since the inception of Children's Development Support Services, over 1000 girls have benefited from Sanitary sanity campaign and CDSS school health Clubs. We have ensured girls can finish school without missing classes due to periods. Empowering them with knowledge about leadership skills has transformed their lives since they can express their views confidently. "From last time you came I have kept memorizing all what you taught us about confidence and self-esteem, I am no longer shy approaching my teachers or my parents", Joyce.