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Whether it is a large or small contribution every support is appreciated. Your donation is a reflection of your kindness and generosity as well as our great work, even the smallest of donation is very important to us.

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Child Sponsorship Program with CDSS

Children’s Development Support Servicer’s Child Sponsorship program works to remove barriers to education and is unique to the communities where it is implemented. The sponsorship takes place through partnering with schools and the villages those schools are connected to. Funding from child sponsorships covers costs such as tuition, uniforms, Exercise books, medical treatment, school shoes, school supplies and Text Books to ensure the child remains in School. The students are selected based upon academic merit, not upon a personal relationship or favoritism. The students are being rated by their internal testing results and final examination which gives us a good view over their academic achievements, their enthusiasm to learn and their high-performance capability. After the national examination during their final year in primary and Secondary schools, the students who have passed the examination will then have the opportunity to be selected in our Child Sponsorship Program.

Support of Sponsored Students.

Once a child is sponsored through our Education Sponsorship Program, we are adamant on providing any needed support such as academic, emotional, and medical and we meet with each child as often as possible. Our sponsored students are spread throughout the district which allows us to meet with our sponsored students weekly, if not monthly. Our meetings with the sponsored students allow us to monitor their academic progress and assist with any other issues. Issues may vary from purchasing a new uniform to seeking medical attention. This provides our students with one-to-one encouragement and a place to study with other participants from the program.

Sponsorship Packages in Uganda.

Sponsorships can be made on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Levels are:
  • • Primary student sponsorship: $30/month or $420/year
  • • Secondary student sponsorship: $50/month or $600/year
  • • Vocational student sponsorship: $75/month or $900/year
  • • Full university or Masters’ student sponsorship: $150/month or $1,800/year

Every child enrolled in our sponsorship program goes through a detailed background check by our Education officer and Programme Coordinator beforehand. In general, the families of our students have almost no money available to invest in the education of their children. These children/students need a lot of financial and educational support in order to have a “fair” chance to successfully pass the exams on the secondary school level and university. Therefore, most of our students require a full sponsorship package that comprises sufficient services.

Return to sponsor.

Sponsoring a student allows you to give the amazing gift of education. Through your generosity the student will be able to enhance their academic knowledge and give him/her a fair chance of a brighter future. Throughout your sponsored student’s academic journey, you will receive: a CDSS thank you letter which can be used for tax purposes, an academic report/update or letter 2-3 times a year and Photos of your sponsored child throughout the year.

Contact us.
If you have any questions regarding our Education Sponsorship Program. Please feel free to contact us, info@cdssug.org or info@cdssug.org Thank you for your time and consideration.