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The best place for a child to grow up is within their loving family. Parents utilize their resourcefulness and determination through income-generation schemes to create a stable economic future and a better life for their children. Increasing household wealth will mean that parents no longer rely on their children to support the family income through working, and can afford school costs and will build sustainable livelihoods so that parents can enable children eat good food and stay healthy. We do this through;

• Basic financial services, Community members are mobilised in small savings groups where different skills and services are passed on to them to provide an opportunity for stable income-generating activities to meet their basic needs, thus lifting them out of poverty.

• Agriculture, CDSS works with groups and individual farmers to increase productivity and income through provision of planting materials and extension services.

• Business training, enables community members to invest small loans in profitable micro enterprises. There are almost no employment opportunities for people in the communities in which we work, so starting a business is necessary in order to generate income if they have trusted mentors. That’s why CDSS facilitates business mentoring for young women entrepreneurs, and links them to financial and other wrap-around services.