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Children’s Development Support Services (CDSS) interventions are aimed at improving performance and retention of pupils/students especially girls in schools; through,

Early Childhood and Education (ECE) provides stable spaces for the children at risk in the poor neglected communities. It is a platform providing them with the opportunity to have a good start on their educational journeys. Child-friendly learning and stimulating environments are provided and supported.

Adolescent Programme, CDSS reaches out to pupils in school to try and reduce the dropout rates especially for girls, and to address early marriages in some communities, as well as providing equal opportunities for both boys and girls to fight poverty.

Inclusive Education

Our work focuses not only on tailoring education to meet the needs of people living with disabilities, but also on changing attitudes to break the cycle of destitution that entraps people living with disabilities.

The Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) programme empowers youth by giving them employable skills to enable them to earn a living. Through skills development, young people take up productive livelihoods and employment opportunities that contribute to their household income and the economies of their communities.